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Write For Us: SEO Guest Post

Would you Like to Write for SEO Article Heroes?

SEO Article Heroes is always looking for SEO writers for our blog post. Ideally we want people who are professionals within the world of SEO however an area of expertise/knowledge of SEO is acceptable.

Post Requirements

We do not take on any sponsored posts at SEO Article Heroes, writing for us is always 100% free however we do have some conditions:

  • Firstly this may seem obvious to some but the post must be 100% high quality content, you should cite any sources, check for grammar and spelling and write using full sentences.
  • We have a zero tolerance on plagarism even if you plagarising your own work. You free to cover a topic that you’ve already covered, or one that has already been covered (providing SEO Article Heroes) has not covered it.
  • You must promote the post via social media and preferably link to it in one of your blogs.
  • Choose an interesting and insightful topic

Preferred Writing Style

We do like to have a broad range of writing styles but there a few conditions.

  • We mainly write our content for small business owners not SEO experts avoid any technical jargon without first explaining it
  • Keep the writing style easy to understand
  • Avoid self-promotion or promotion of any kind.
  • Write in clear concise paragraphs
  • The post must be more than 800 words

What’s in it for you

  • You will get a backlink in the author bio, please don’t try to link to your site in the main body especially with keywords like “SEO Agency” unless totally relevant.
  • We will promote out blog posts via social media for you.

Get started!

To write some SEO blogs for us here’s what you have to do:

  • Give examples of your work
  • Provide 3-4 topic ideas that we might want to proceed with
  • Introduce yourself and what you do
  • Send this in an email to [email protected]

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