Top 5 Traffic Building Tips That Produce The Most Leads From Your Website

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Increasing traffic to one’s website is one of SEO Article Heroe’s main services as an SEO Cardiff company. One of the most sought pursued aspects of online marketing is acquiring new clients for your business. Your website becomes the golden goose when you can produce new business that literally will leave their contact info or better yet contact you. Sustainable growth is the secret to longevity and if you are continuously building your traffic, your business will thrive from the leads it generates.

Leverage the press

Get published on an authority website as a guest author and have the story featured on an aggregator. Aggregator sites are undervalued when it comes to providing exposure. If you can get on popular website that gets featured on the first page of an aggregator it can shoot your exposure through the roof and make a massive spike in the volume of traffic your site receives.

Create a case study with original data

When you create your own statistics from your own case study, you not only produce a proven result, but you possess original data that no other website or company owns. This becomes a huge asset for creating statistics that can be referenced by other writers. Whenever your website is cited it contributes to strengthening your backlink profile which in turn boosts your ranking. With a more competitive ranking comes more traffic.

Case studies also have the potential to build a significant amount of credibility with readers when you are basically demonstrating your expertise in your field as an original source for proven solutions. This type of leadership builds trust and confidence in your company and can be the cause of shared links and high conversions.

Publish a how-to guide

How to guides are a popular form of content that gets a high click-through rate from a specific audience. A how-to guide can provide a significant amount of traffic if it is informative and actionable. When a reader is finished reading they should be able to perform a specific task or skill that they learn from your guide. This is only accomplished through a highly detailed article that typically is over 1000 words.

How to guides are easily shared over social media and produce a steady amount of traffic over a longer period of time. Social media posts over 3000 words get the most shares so if you’re how-to guide is over the 3000-word mark you are giving your guide the best chance of going viral and generating traffic to your website.

Publish an updated roundup of expert opinions on an authority site

If you compare site to site in similar niches, you will find that there isn’t much difference in the content that is getting published. It’s the headlines and the way the content is written that changes and makes articles original. By publishing a roundup you can take old topics and have them voiced by a group of experts to make an interesting article that has a high chance of being accepted by a blog in the industry.


When your article is published on a high authority website you get points in the credibility department and Google will grant you extra authority. With these two gifts bestowed on your website, its ability to outrank other sites strengthens and your traffic grows.

Develop a tool or an app or WordPress plugin

If you are the owner or developer of a WordPress plugin or piece of software you can embed your link in every copy that is ever downloaded. This can be an enormously powerful way to generate hundreds if not thousands of backlinks to your website.

The “insert header and footer”  plugin started with a simple problem and was a simple solution that didn’t take an engineer to build, just a clever minded individual who knew php and javascript. If you have a simple idea that can be solved with a simple code you also have the makings of generating a boatload of traffic to your site.

Traffic will always be pursued because it represents growth and a thriving business. Apply these 5 strategies and witness the growth of your business through the additional number of leads it generates.

Christian Carere is an SEO specialist and founder of Digital Ducats Inc. His company offers search engine optimization services that result in more traffic, leads and new clients.

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