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Social Media Marketing or SMM is a marketing approach that is increasing in popularity, this is due to the accuracy and the amount of data social media platforms hold.


  • Social Media Ads are great for getting exposure for your brand, and making people aware of your products and services.

  • Social Media Ads are great for targeting customers that are unaware of your product existing but would likely purchase it if they heard of it.

  • Social Media Ads is great for re-marketing, tools such as Facebook pixel which can be utilised to target leads until the convert.

  • Social Media Ads are powerful for boosting the exposure of blog posts.


  • Most paid social media is not pay-per-click thus if you achieve little results you can waste a lot of money.

  • There is a lower intent in social media ads when compared to search marketing, and conversions are lower due to the fact that people aren’t specifically seeking your product.

  • Many social media ad campaigns can be less effective if you do not already have a strong social media following.

Overall social media is ideal for anyone looking to reach individuals who either may not be aware of your product or are not actively searching it.

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Facebook : Facebook is currently one of the greatest paid promotional social media tools, it’s accurate, can target a large number of people and can produce a reasonable ROI.

LinkedIn : In terms of ROI it isn’t the best platform however it is the best platform for B2B businesses where search traffic for keywords related to their services is low.

Twitter: Twitter is quite a good paid promotional tool however it is yet to beat Facebook in terms of its accuracy and ROI.

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