How Can Paid Social Media Marketing Help My Business?

Paid social media marketing or (SMM) as it is frequently called is the method of using social media ad space in order to attract leads and customers for your business.  Depending on the platform you are using, the niche you operate in whether you are locally based or nationwide there can be several strategies you can incorporated into your social media marketing plan. For locally based businesses it’s an easy and convenient way to speak to your local audience and engage with your local community, with the geo-targeting you can specifically focus on people who live or are in the area of your business. For event based businesses paid social media marketing is great to boost your event posts to the local surrounding community, your current audience along with people who are interested in the types of events you run. It can also help you build a massive hype for your event with those interested in your event discussing it with their friends in the comment section and sharing with an audience that are likely to have similar interests. One of the greatest advantages to paid social media marketing is that you can reach an audience that may not be searching for your businesses services or even aware that such a service exists. For example if you offer a specialised consulting service offering services that are relatively unknown by the layperson you can market and engage with your potential customers to make them more aware of the services you offer. Paid Social Media Marketing is also great for anyone looking to incorporate remarketing into their marketing campaigns. With an installed Facebook Pixel you’ll have the opportunity to drive traffic to your page for anyone who has visited your page. This is not only great for people who have seen previous ads but failed to convert its also great for combining with your SEO and content marketing campaigns. If you’ve had people visiting a blog post or infographic you’ve created, you can remarket your business to them what’s more you can narrow your audience to sieve out anyone who wouldn’t qualify as a lead.

How much does it cost?

As always locally based business marketing campaigns are considerably less than nationwide campaigns. Below are the costs you should be expecting to pay depending on your business nice and how much a management fee would cost with SEO Article Heroes. If you’re spending less that the suggest ad spends stated below it’s likely that your simply just burning through your budget and not seeing any returns.

  • Boosting the Odd Post (Locally based and small events): £10 to £20 per post should suffice in most cases
  • Local Business Per Month: up to £250 ad spend, £250 management fee
  • Nationwide Small Competition Per Month: £250-£350 ad spend, £305 management fee
  • Nationwide Medium Competition Per Month: £440 ad spend, £390 management fee
  • Nationwide Large Competition Per Month: £500-£5000 ad spend, 12.5% budget with a minimum of £390.
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How easy is it for me to do it myself?

If your business is locally based social media advertising is considerably cheaper in terms of return on investment and a lot easier to manage, boosting the odd post here and there on Facebook is relatively cheap when you’re boosting it to your current audience, their friends and those in the local area.

Nationwide social media advertising campaigns are more complex and reach a far wider audience and thus we wouldn’t recommend social media marketing unless you go through extensive training or take on a social media marketing agency.

This also applies to the local campaigns do not try to use any of the more complicated advertising features on social media without knowing what your doing, because to put it simply it’s very easy to waste a lot of money through social media ads simply by targeting the wrong people, creating the wrong ad copy and not allocating the correct budget for the correct ads.

In the past we’ve come across individuals that have lost £1000s through social media ads without materialising any return. We would also recommend that in order to avoid getting ripped off that you use a company in the same country that your business resides, for example if your company is based in the UK use a social media marketing agency in the UK.

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