Using SMO and SMM as a form of promoting a business is becoming more and more popular, due to the accuracy and the amount of data social media platforms hold.


Facebook : Facebook is currently one of the greatest paid promotional social media tools, it’s accurate, can target a large number of people and fairly inexpensive

LinkedIn : Is great for B2B businesses that want to target key decision makers.

Twitter: Twitter is quite a good paid promotional tool however it is yet to beat Facebook in terms of its accuracy and ROI.

Other Platforms: Platforms such as Pintrest, StumbledUpon, Snapchat etc are great for targeting specific demographics. For example Women are more likely to use Pintrest and Snapchat is used more amongst the younger generation, thus if either platform is your target market then they are great platforms.


  • Social Media Ads are great for targeting for customers unaware of your product existing but would likely purchase it if they heard of it.
  • Social Media Ads is great for re-marketing, tools such as Facebook pixel will inform Facebook of everyone who has visited your site and send them a reminder email.
  • Social Media Ads are powerful for boosting the exposure of blog posts.


  • Most paid social media is not pay-per-click thus if you achieve little results you can waste a lot of money.
  • People are less likely to click on your ad than through search, and conversions are lower due to the fact that people aren’t specifically seeking your product.
  • Many social media ad campaigns can be less effective if you do not already have a strong social media following.

Overall SMM and SMO is great for anyone looking to get more exposure of their brand, reach targeted demographics, improve content marketing, and make customers aware of their products

Are you interested in setting up Social Media Ads but are afraid if done wrongly you could lose money? Contact Us today to discuss your options with Social Media Ads.

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