One of the most important aspects of our managed SEO services is monitoring of SERP positions. SERP is an abbreviation for search engine result page. The term is frequently used by SEO experts and SEO guides as a measurement of success in any SEO campaign. When SEO is broken down to its very basics it comes down to getting your page to rank higher in search engines for targeted keywords, the results of those rankings are known as SERPs. SERP monitoring is the method of studying where you are ranking on average for your given keywords, so as to assess how well current SEO campaign methods are working. If a specific user has visited your site recently whilst logged into their gmail account or on the same device their SERPs will be effected in favour of your website. If the user is local to you they will also receive different information as search engines prioritise businesses that are local to their users. An error many webmasters make when they are monitoring their SERPs is manually searching for their keywords to find their websites, as most webmasters will be visiting their website often and will by default be located near their business they can find misleading results. There are various websites such as Serpbook that offer services monitoring your SERPs, the advantage of doing this is that they are able to show you how well your keywords are ranking nationally as well as locally.

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