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SEO (search engine optimisation)  is a form of search marketing that focuses on the organic search on Google.


  • SEO can be a lot cheaper than other forms of marketing especially if you can easily obtain links from other relevant websites in your industry, and manage some blog content in house.
  • There are various opportunities to expand SEO beyond direct selling to more brand exposure and awareness especially amongst blog writing.
  • Organic search receives far more traffic Pay-Per-Click ads.


  • SEO can take a long time to see a return on investment, for less competitive search terms it can be within a month or so, for medium competition it can be six months but for some it can be a year. SEO is great if your doing it yourself or as an additional revenue stream.
  • There are a range of factors that can affect an SEO campaign, negative SEO, lost backlinks, algorithm changes and it can sometimes be difficult to point to the exact issues of a campaign.
  • You have no direct control over which pages will rank the highest, so if you have a product that you particularly wont to sell at a given time Google can be difficult

Overall SEO is ideal for anyone looking to increase their website’s traffic long-term, and are in a position to spend time and money on SEO without reaping any benefits for a long time.

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