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As an industry SEO is constantly changing, there is no standardised approach to SEO but a variety of tactics that are implemented differently depending on the SEO professional. Many divisions come through the black hat, the grey hat and the white hat world.  Google is always looking for ways to stamp out any black hat techniques, they’ve brought out several updates over the years that have made many black hat SEO techniques ineffective, which has in turn made white hat techniques more prevalent. At SEO Article Heroes we ask the opinions of various SEO professionals to predict what changes we’ll see in 2018.

Tom Mills – Go Smart Media 

1. What SEO tactics do you think are going to become more relevant in 2018

Rich snippets, officially named structured data by Google, will become even more relevant in 2018 as far as SERP will be displayed, and may be a game changer for SEO consultants looking to drive traffic to their customers websites. Structured data is really just a way of formatting HTML on websites that basically tells search engines like Google how to interpret and display content.

This recent trend will continue to enhance the UX (user experience) as search engines results display more relevant information and as far as SEO companies are concerned, will result in more click throughs and possibly even higher rankings for their clients.

For example: On a photography page after rich snippets have been coded into the page/post regarding how to take great wedding photos, you will now find camera types, lenses, outdoor/indoor photos, settings, and types of film vs digital, and so on right on the search results page.

Those that do not get on board with this trend of using structured data in 2018 may even lose lose a few spots on Page #1 of Google to competitors websites that are using structured data (rich snippets). It’s not as ominous as it seems for Web Optimization Agencies mostly because companies like Yoast have developed Rich Snippet Plugins to make the transition easier. is also a good place to start to seem what the buzz is all about regarding structured data.

2. What SEO tactics are going to become less irrelevant in 2018?

Low level link directories and article directories will continue to become even less important as Google drives the user experience (UX) towards natural, organic, and the best possible results for each individual search on the web in 2018.

Link farming used to be the old school way of increasing the page rank for any given company on the internet simply by producing mass backlinks that pointed back to a company’s website. The trend has been stopped by Google four or five years ago and now only gives valuable algorithm points to higher ranking authority websites that produce only meaningful content in any given niche.

Marketers and SEOs now have to work harder to create content and build authority backlinks, that demonstrate expertise in any given market.

The goal is steadily improve your page rank, build authority, and trust on the web. This is not done by creating mass backlinks, which may even lead to negative points and a drop in page rank. The best solution would be to not take a chance and stay away from article or link directories all together and work towards developing backlinks on high ranking sites within your niche/market.

Other factors that may become less important in the near future are things like keywords titles and creating BIG content on a blog for no reason. Remember it’s not about quantity, but quality. Businesses should focus on “white-hat” SEO, quality articles, authority backlinks, and building trust in your niche. This is the true way to increased traffic and brand awareness online.

Jason Thibault –Massive Kontent 

1. What SEO tactics do you think are going to become more relevant in 2018?

SEO is going to get much more involved for competitive verticals in 2018 and beyond.

I believe you’ll need to:
-Create a ~4 to 7 minute Vox style explainer video on your given topic.
-Rank that video in the YouTube ecosystem (Backlinko style).
-Write a narrow and in-depth authoritative post of 1800-3000 words with a liberal amount of optimized images.
-Embed that ranked video at the top of the long-form post.
-And still continue to do lots of PR outreach, paid social etc…

A lot of moving parts that need to work together like a symphony.

2. What SEO tactics are going to become irrelevant in 2018?

I’d avoid keyword stuffing at all costs. You don’t (and shouldn’t) need to overload your target keyword terms into all of your h2’s and h3’s. Ease up a bit. Google has really gotten good at semantic topic clustering for search queries with word co-occurrence and bigraph and trigraph co-clustering. They don’t really need your ‘help’. In other words: i) Write authoritatively on your subject. ii) Cover it thoroughly using terms that occur naturally within the topic. I wrote a longish article earlier in 2017 that clocks in at just over 2000 words. According to SEMrush it now pulls in search traffic from over 983 keyword phrases. I certainly didn’t input that many variations into the piece. Google is smart.

David Gaskin – Peak Websites 

1. What SEO tactics do you think are going to become more relevant in 2018?

With RankBrain becoming a dominant factor in the Google search algorithm, we’re seeing a move towards a more semantic web; due to the rise in voice search, geo-location and user intent are going to play a bigger role in search results, with an increase in Rich Snippets and appearances of the Knowledge Graph. Equally worth noting is the rise in popularity of videos. With YouTube being the 2nd largest search engine in the world with billions of videos consumed per day, it’s worthwhile to consider video content marketing. Lastly, the need for high-quality content and traditional link-building cannot be ignored.

2. What SEO tactics are going to become irrelevant in 2018?

For starters, avoid black-hat tactics like keyword stuffing, PBNs, and link-buying tactics. The quality of your backlinks matters more than the quantity, so relevant backlinks are key in 2018. On top of that, semantic content clearly dominates over keyword-stuffed articles. Avoid writing thin content as this won’t rank the way in-depth content will. Lastly, with the importance of mobile, avoid using m. versions of your website in favour of one domain as this may slow down the indexing of your site when Google finally does roll out its mobile-first index.

Joe Robinson – Kazu Web Services

1. What SEO tactics do you think are going to become more relevant in 2018?

Content that addresses a specific issue in detail, rather than overarching content that tries to explain an entire field such as ‘the complete guide to SEO’, etc.  I think ‘Ultimate guide’ frameworks will eventually die and be replaced with detailed guides to very specific processes. This is not to say that I think long-tail keywords will make a comeback – quite the opposite – Information will become supplementary to an overall topic, niche, or brand, rather than trying to cram everything in, Jack of all trades style.

2. What SEO tactics are going to become irrelevant in 2018?

Keyword research. I firmly believe that keyword research is becoming more obsolete as rankbrain and hummingbird become more sophisticated and more people are using voice search.This is not to say that we should ignore what people are searching for, or where our pages are ranking for various keywords, but focusing on creating content for specific keywords, especially long-tails, won’t be necessary. What the most successful campaigns will have in common is they will focus on why someone is searching, not what they are searching for, and Google will know who to send.

Rob Bailey – SEO Article Heroes

1. What SEO tactics do you think are going to become more relevant in 2018?

In 2018 many factors will change as Google attempts to move towards creating a high quality content-driven user experience search algorithm. Google does not want websites reaching to the top of search queries when they have little information and difficult to navigate. Which is one of the reasons that’s one of the reasons why schema will begin to become a necessary aspect of every SEO campaign if it is not as of yet. Latent Semantic Indexing is the beginning of Google attempting to give a ranking boost to content that features similar keywords instead of the exact keywords a trend that. I believe Google will work on developing this aspect of their algorithm in greater depth so that content that discusses a topic well will receive better results than content that simply features keywords for a certain number of times.

2. What SEO tactics are going to become irrelevant in 2018?

In 2018, I think that Bing and Yahoo are finally going to start to play catch-up and start cracking down on black hat tactics that continue to work really well on their network. Google clamping down on black hat SEO is what makes Google the leading search engine in the world because when you search for something in Google generally speaking the most relevant website does appear, whereas in Bing and Yahoo sometimes you can reach the third or forth page before you find the type of content your looking for (and even then it might not be there).  I also think that infograpics are going to become a lost less prevalent the same way guest posts have. That’s not to say that people will not use infographics or guest posts for that manner, but the frenzy of everything must become an infographic will die out just the same way that everyone backlink must be a guest post has died out.

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Jimmy Rodriguez –  3dcart

  1. What SEO tactics do you think are going to become more relevant in 2018?

High quality, long-form content will rule 2018 and beyond. We have seen Google begin to favor quality content over short bits of information, even when it is on high authority sites. This trend will continue an upward rise as more time passes. If you survey the first page for the most competitive keywords, you will find that long-form content rules the 1st page of most SERP’s.

  1. What SEO tactics are going to become irrelevant in 2018?

One keyword tactic that is on its way out is keyword density. You no longer have to run a special formula and try to figure out how many times you should mention your target keywords in a text. This is mostly due to Google getting better at comparing industry related material and picking up on LSI within your content. Keyword density is being replaced with industry knowledge. The more knowledgeable you are about the topic you’re writing, the higher the chance you will rank. If you let your knowledge flow, the keywords will take care of themselves.



Tim Anderson

2 years agoReply

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) should be just great coding in the Document Object Model with minimal scripting.

Static html or xhtml pages with layout controlled by .css Please, tell google to **** off with their version of “SEO”. I realised I was wrecking my own websites making absolute directories just to try and please Alphabet (google). They encrypt search information so you cannot see it. Eg. Server logs for A Bing Search and a google search “.

“kids+on+the+goldfield+clothes” The full search term is what you get from honest search engines like Bing

“AFQjCNGLaJrp2pJgkurdmXDEMFINfgQXQw” is all you get from google riding off the back of your work and website.

Relative directories load quicker and do not need to query the domain name server for every image or page element is relative ../../ Good code is not what google demand. They demand using their own .js code, lots of javascript for duplicated AMP pages.

Many others are saying, enough google stop the abuse, we are stopping you from indexing our websites, in the not too distant future, google will be useless in search, an archive of old cached webpages. An IT dinosaur Alphabet’s Google! Google SEO bullying wrecks websites and makes double the work making AMP pages to help google advertise, they demand money to rank pages highly.

Google are tax evading cheats and copyright thieves we will all avoid. A greedy google company of age discriminating geeky children (average age 29) who have no ethics at all. They are arrogant copyright thieves misuse market power to bully web-masters to make accelerated mobile pages (AMP) to help them serve advertising. They steal content they do not own and plaster advertising all through youtube videos affecting the attention span of the entire world. Dumbed down by google. They give nothing back.

Over 100 reasons now, why we are stopping google from indexing our websites, say goodbye to google scum.



    2 years agoReply

    Strong words Tim, not sure I agree with a lot of what your saying. As much as I’m not a fan of the tax evading side of SEO, for the most part I think google is directing the most relevant traffic to the most relevant pages as oppose to Yahoo and Bing at least. They don’t demand money to rank pages highly only if your using Adwords. So I’m not really sure what your getting at, but I find your opinion fascinating and I’d like to feature you in some content perhaps in the form of an interview if your interested.



2 years agoReply

No problem glad you enjoyed. Hope lunch was good.

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