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SEO (search engine optimisation)  is a form of search marketing that focuses on the organic search on Google.


Google  – The main platform for Search Engine Optimisation is Google this is because Google has the highest amount of traffic. Whilst there is no difference between SEO for Google and Bing or Yahoo, Google’s algorithm is far more accurate and a website’s rankings in Google is a better KPI’s than its rankings in Bing or another search engine.

Bing  & Yahoo – Bing & Yahoo have far lower traffic on their platforms and their search algorithms are a lot less accurate, your site will receive traffic through Bing & Yahoo however rankings in Bing & Yahoo should be taken with a pinch of salt.


  • SEO can be a lot cheaper than other forms of marketing especially if you can easily obtain links from other relevant websites in your industry, and manage some blog content in house.
  • There are various opportunities to expand SEO beyond direct selling to more brand exposure and awareness especially amongst blog writing.
  • Organic search receives far more traffic Pay-Per-Click ads.


  • SEO can take a long time to see a return on investment, for less competitive search terms it can be within a month or so, for medium competition it can be six months but for some it can be a year. SEO is great if your doing it yourself or as an additional revenue stream.
  • There are a range of factors that can affect an SEO campaign, negative SEO, lost backlinks, algorithm changes and it can sometimes be difficult to point to the exact issues of a campaign.
  • You have no direct control over which pages will rank the highest, so if you have a product that you particularly wont to sell at a given time Google can be difficult

Overall SEO is ideal for anyone looking to increase their website’s traffic long-term, and are in a position to spend time and money on SEO without reaping any benefits for a long time.

Are you interested in setting up a SEO campaign but don’t know how? Have you tried to set up a SEO campaign before but not found any results? Contact Us today to discuss your options with SEO.

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