SEO Cardiff: How Cardiff Businesses Can Make the Most of SEO

SEO can be a complicated world and it’s a problem that many Cardiff businesses face when they attempt to deal with it. We’re a Cardiff based agency and we’re here to help other Cardiff, South Wales and UK businesses reach the top of search rankings. But first before you go down the rabbit whole of hiring an SEO agency, you need to know what you’re walking into and the benefits and challenges it can give to your businesses. It is quite possible to spend upwards of £1000’s before you see any ROI. The biggest issue that businesses face when they want to take on an SEO agency is cost. SEO takes a long time and de be done correctly requires specialist knowledge, thus it can cost a lot when a business wants to take on a freelancer or agency. However there are some factors that you must consider before being turned off SEO completely. Every business is affected by SEO whether they like it or not, it is the bold businesses that strive to propel their brands forward that succeed. When taking on an agency you first need to consider what work they are doing and how long will it take them to reach the KPI’s that you desire. Whilst I’ve seen websites go from the fifth page of google to ranking at the top of the first page with a few minor technical SEO changes (e.g. metatitle changes) the vast majority of the time SEO takes a long time. That’s why as an agency we recommend employing PPC if you want to receive immediate results from Google

Cardiff Businesses Can DYI SEO

Link Building

You can build some links to your website by talking to your suppliers or anyone you do business with and getting them to link to your website. Adding your website to as many relevant directories as possible will improve your backlink profile and will also improve your websites local SEO by having your (NAP) featured in multiple places

Technical SEO

You can fix some technical issues with your website fairly easy and without much thought. Optimising metatags for example can have a massive effect on your SEO. Many businesses leave it blank or just put their company’s name, feature your company’s name in the title and the keyword you want to rank for.


Nobody knows your business like you do, so why not create some high-quality content, think of some great topics to talk about but also focus on content that people can read and understand and want to read about. Create a blog that talks about the benefits of your product or service and how it can benefit your customer. This isn’t just about creating content for better rankings it also proves to your customer base that you as a business are authority in your field.

Cardiff Businesses Working with an Agency or Freelancer

Whilst there are plenty of tasks you can do yourself and should do yourself hiring and SEO agency will make everything go a lot faster and they’ll be able to point you in the right direction, in a way that you won’t when you’re by yourself. That being said it certainly doesn’t hurt to do more SEO by yourself once you’ve hired an SEO agency. Before you take on agency you should have realistic expectations and your agency should give you realistic expectations. When you’re quite the novice to SEO its easy to have the expectations that a magic wand will be swung and your site will be SEO’d but in reality SEO is far more complicated than that. Firstly you have to bear in mind competition if your brand is in a highly competitive field you have to remember that whilst your trying to improve the rankings of your website so are many others. Some of the work carried out on your website will be simple, others will be more complicated a good SEO agency will break down every service they are offering and what they are doing on your website.

There are three major areas of SEO, technical on-site SEO, content creation, and linkbuilding. Technical SEO, overlaps into the field of web development occasionally as site speed and loading times makes a massive impact on your website’s SEO. Content Creation has a massive impact on your SERP rankings and backlink potential, though it’s not strictly speaking in the field of SEO it has a massive impact on SEO. Content creation usually comes in the form of writing great quality blog posts (like this one).

I would argue that every website should have a business blog with posts and updates, the mistake I’ve seen many Cardiff businesses make is creating short content about events going on in the business. Whilst that’s great an agency will focus on SEO driven content focusing on implementing content that is driven towards particular keywords without being too spammy and getting other webmasters to link to the site. Linkbuilding this will take various forms, many of which you can do yourself, add your website to every directory you can think of and you can avoid getting your agency to focus on doing it.

Final Points Before You Start Your SEO Campaign

SEO takes a long time, you quite often won’t see any results for up to 6 months and you’ll often not see an ROI for up to a year. Whilst it may take a long time the benefits are huge over the long term essentially in the long term you’ll have free traffic streams constantly coming to your website. If you’re in a competitive niche it might mean that your website is constantly going up and down but for the most part your rankings will mainly stay the same. If you want quick traffic then you should first turn to PPC or Paid Social media, or work on your SEO yourself and get your rankings up high first before higher an SEO agency.

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