Welcome to marketing where everything matters from color to font and everything in between. Why do these seemingly small details matter? Well, each of these contributes to the customer experience, and they center around one vital thing – your brand. Imagine, if you will, a restaurant in a college town. It’s Parent’s Weekend, and a

    There are several techniques that form part of the wider strategy of creating an SEO campaign. SEO Article Heroes has created a comprehensive guide to creating an SEO campaign. As an SEO Agency in Cardiff we see it as our duty to help webmasters develop their SEO,, that’s why we’re now writing blog posts that

    8 Gainful Search Engine Optimization Hacks in Google Analytics (GA) Google Analytics is the most used SEO measurement tool. This useful tool is important to offer you insights about how to optimize your website to derive traffic. The best and reasonable tool has come up as an ideal choice for many SEOs and Digital marketers. Today,

    The world is heading towards self-employment instead of depending on a paid job. Consequently, the concept of entrepreneurship has now widely accepted by large criteria of people. If you have a talent that can earn good amount of money, just go for it. This decision may involve risk to an extent but it will bring

    SEO can be a complicated world and it’s a problem that many Cardiff businesses face when they attempt to deal with it. We’re a Cardiff based agency and we’re here to help other Cardiff, South Wales and UK businesses reach the top of search rankings. But first before you go down the rabbit whole of

    In the last step we gave a quick overview of backlinks and how to gain them in this step we’re going to look specifically at SEO outreach. Outreach is a topic that many would-be SEO’s get stuck on they don’t really know how to get stuck on. You’ve created content, you’ve promoted it via social

    What affect does page speed have on google? SEO and page speed go hand in hand, as Google has indicated that site speed is a ranking factor for SERPs. If your site has been built well many of these page speed issues will not exist. Some issues can exist with your hosting provider which can

    SEO is a complicated field and many businesses make several mistakes when deciding an agency. As an SEO Agency in Cardiff we are constantly asked about prices and it can be a difficult questions to answer without taking a proper look at a website. Firstly you’ll need to understand the marketing needs of a business

    As an industry SEO is constantly changing, there is no standardised approach to SEO but a variety of tactics that are implemented differently depending on the SEO professional. Many divisions come through the black hat, the grey hat and the white hat world.  Google is always looking for ways to stamp out any black hat

    Local SEO is quite often neglected by many businesses whom are either solely dependent on local traffic, dependant on both local and national traffic and even businesses that focus primarily on national traffic. There are two main benefits to local SEO; firstly if you run a more local business such as a restaurant you’ll be

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