Schema and Structured Data

Schema markup or structured data is one of the more technical aspects of SEO, put simply its a way of showing search engines rich snippets of data so that they appear in the SERPS. Highlighing any reviews, publication dates, company contact information, prices of  products and hyperlinks to your most important pages in search queries would all be examples of structured data. was developed by Google, Bing, Yandex and Yahoo!, it attempt to help both webmasters and search engines find discover the most important information understand your content and provide the most relevant search queries. You can see how your structured data looks to search engines by looking at the structured data section of your search console (e.g Google/Bing webmaster tools).

Without structured data search engine bots have a much more difficult time finding out what your the content means when crawling ¬†your website. With structured data you make this a easier to for search engine bots by clearly outlining and labelling your data, when your site is crawled correctly you’ll gain an SEO advantage.

The easiest way to add schema data is by using a plugin such as the schema plugin for WordPress. However if you do not use WordPress another tool you can use is a schema markup generator which generates schema for you to copy into your html.

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Bartje Meijer

1 year agoReply

Can you recommend a plug in for Drupal 7?

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