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Welcome to the final step in the step-by-step guide to SEO, we discuss how to promote and gain backlinks. Its important to note that whilst the driving force of gaining backlinks derives from promoting content you can also gain backlinks from simple factors such as suppliers, businesses you have dealings with and suggesting to fix broken backlinks. As we mentioned in the previous step of this guide, content marketing and content promotion are also great ways of bringing in business. Content can be promoted through social media platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter, Stumbled Upon, Pintrest, Facebook, Reddit. It’s also a good idea to check out forums that are related to your industry, for example if you ran an SEO agency, you could share your content on SEO forums, so long as its relevant and you’re not link dumping. Further to that you can promote your content directly through outreach to bloggers or websites that feature a lot of relevant content.

Social Media Promotion

Social Media Promotion is one of the best ways to promote your websites’ content with such a variety of social platforms to use you’re guaranteed to find a platform that suits your businesses’ content. You’ll need to focus on promoting your content to an audience that values your content you cannot simply link dump and hope people will link to your website. Firstly you’ll need to build up an audience on social media, there are several ways to do this and to really get into social media I would recommend reading a guide on a website such as Social Media Examiner.

Here’s a list of basic ways to improve your social media presence:

Linkedin – Gain more connections to people in running businesses in related industries, along with influncers in your industry. Then start sharing content on both your personal page and your business page.Twitter – Tweet using popular hashtags (you could use a website such as hashify to do this), get involved in conversations related to your industry that have a lot of comments. Share your content at least three times, use images, gifs, memes along with a normal serious post. Make sure your hashtags are relevant to your niche.

Stumbled Upon – Share your blogs with related hashtags as well as sharing other content you believe to be relevant build up a presence and authority

Pinterest – Optimise your pintrest page, and build pintrest boards with your content along with other content so that more users will pin your content.

  • Facebook – Build relations with your clients and customers, pay for advertising and target very specific niches. This is all about getting the ball rolling once you have a decent amount of likes you’ll then realise you’ll snowball more likes. Ensure you’re posting engaging posts and remain active in the comment section, you can boost your posts if necessary.

  • Reddit – Be very careful what you share on reddit, try to remain active and respect the community. Only post your content if its relevant and adds value to a reddit thread if it does not your better off not sharing.

Backlinks and Citations

There are variety of ways that you can build backlinks through simple measures such as through business you have any contact with, suppliers, clients and partners. Spying on competitors through tools such as Ahrefs or MajesticSEO and gaining backlinks in a similar way to the way they have gained links. Guest blogging can be a way to build exposure and gain back links, although this is less popular than it used to be providing a user with guest blogging material can be a great way to build exposure and quite often the webmaster will allow you to have a link back to your page. Having your Name Address and Phone featured on several directories as well as on Google Maps and Bing will add to your local SEO and provide you with what are known as citations, also many of these sites will feature a dofollow link to your website.  Do not use Public Blog Networks, whilst this appears to sometimes still work it is a violation of google’s guidelines and whilst you may get away with it for now, after another update from Google you could find yourself slipping to the bottom of the search results overnight.


Once you’ve developed a large amount of content on your website its a good idea to start interlinking your website so that its easy to navigate from one relevant page to another on your website. One of the key benefits of doing this is that search engine bots consider anchor text as an indication of the keyword you believe this content is about. For example if I wanted to talk about how SEO Article Heroes provides great SEO services for businesses based in Cardiff then I would link to my Cardiff SEO page  like so. If your anchor text consistently only features the exact keyword you want to rank for they will think your trying to game the system and will de-rank your website. In this example I want to rank for Cardiff SEO so I’ve featured that in my anchor text but I’ve also included “page” to avoid overoptimising. Now when this blog gets backlinks I’ll also receive link juice passed on to the page that I’ve linked to. Avoid link dumping, create high quality content and only link back to your page when you have a link that is relevant. For example if you sold second hand phones and wrote a piece about how underated the IPhone 5 is you’d be in a good position to link to your product page of your IPhone 5. Generally speaking its best to avoid interlinking onto your homepage and contact us page they’ll be tones of links to these pages via the main navigation bar and search engine bots could view this as a way of trying to game the system.

Final Thoughts

For those of you who have tried the above tactics and have found little or no benefit from content promotion, remember only good content gets linked to go back to step 4 and start developing good linkable content that will benefit a large audience. Whilst you are aiming to build links for the purpose of SEO, you should view this as secondary to your content marketing strategy. Content should give value to its users, provide strong interest and engagement of your content achieve this and your links will come naturally, you won’t need to ask. This is the end of our SEO guide, I hope you have enjoyed and if you find any of our information needs to be explored in greater depth please let us know in the comments section below. Please like and follow us on all the social media platforms stated below. We’ll always be adding more content that explores the world of SEO, so stay tuned, subscribe and let us know if there’s a topic you’d like us to look at.

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