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PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is a form of search marketing that focuses on the paid advertisements on Google.


Google AdWords – The main platform for Pay-Per-Click advertising is Google this is because Google has the highest amount of traffic. Generally we would recommend focusing most attention on Google’s pay-per-click platform.

Bing Ads – Second to Adwords is Bing, Bing has a far lower traffic on its platform and is therefore really only necessary when Google AdWords is reaching its full potential


  • Unlike SEO PPC is quick fast and easy, you can expect to see a return on investment within the first month of a campaign.
  • Measuring the success of PPC campaign against external factors can be done fairly easily through to Google Adwords campaign manager.
  • There are few updates that make drastic changes to the way in which PPC is conduced in the same way as SEO
  • It is easy to target promotion to any products or services that you specifically want to see more sales from.


  • It is a lot more expensive than other marketing platforms over the long-term on average.
  • The vast majority of searchers will ignore pay-per-click and instead focus on organic search, whilst this doesn’t make Pay-Per-Click expensive it does mean that websites focusing on Pay-Per-Click rather than SEO are missing out search traffic.

Overall PPC is ideal for anyone looking to increase their website’s revenue quickly, the profits of which can then be diversified into other marketing platforms.

Are you interested in setting up a PPC campaign but don’t know how? Have you tried to set up a PPC campaign before but not found any results? Contact Us today to discuss your options with PPC.

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