PPC or Pay Per Click marketing refers to the use of a search engine’s ad network for the purpose of increasing traffic and leads to your website. The most popular platform to run a PPC campaign on is Google Ads, though Bing does carry a significant level of search traffic. The main advantage of running
Welcome to our first business guide blog post. SEO Article Heroes is a business that operates in both print and digital marketing. We always like to offer tips and advice to our readers and clients, that’s why we’ve decided to start producing guides and marketing advice for anyone who wants to learn the best marketing
  Since the inception of Google, link building has always been valued as one of the successful skills when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. Despite its popularity, many of the marketers do not look beyond a few tested strategies such as infographics, guest blogging, commenting on popular marketing sites and enlisting their sites to

When it comes to a press release campaign, choosing the right distribution service is one of the most crucial factors. Your choice ultimately determines how your products are presented and handled. But with literally hundreds of press release distribution services available, the task of choosing one can become quite overwhelming. As a matter of fact,

Why is mobile SEO important? Making the most of mobile SEO makes sure that you are able to offer the best possible presentation of your website to a mobile device user. As our channel of communication increasingly becomes mobile-oriented, it is becoming more and more important to make sure that your site is mobile-friendly. Failing

SEO Article Heroes offers Social Media Marketing in the UK to our clients and therefore frequently write about Social Media Marketing. We also allow guest posts such as this one if you’d like to write for us let us know. If you’re trying to grow your business, do you use Facebook to do free marketing

Welcome to marketing where everything matters from color to font and everything in between. Why do these seemingly small details matter? Well, each of these contributes to the customer experience, and they center around one vital thing – your brand. Imagine, if you will, a restaurant in a college town. It’s Parent’s Weekend, and a

There are several techniques that form part of the wider strategy of creating an SEO campaign. SEO Article Heroes has created a comprehensive guide to creating an SEO campaign. As an SEO Agency in Cardiff we see it as our duty to help webmasters develop their SEO,, that’s why we’re now writing blog posts that

8 Gainful Search Engine Optimization Hacks in Google Analytics (GA) Google Analytics is the most used SEO measurement tool. This useful tool is important to offer you insights about how to optimize your website to derive traffic. The best and reasonable tool has come up as an ideal choice for many SEOs and Digital marketers. Today,

SEO Article Heroes offers social media marketing in the UK and as such we like to reguarly write about our services and how they may benefit your business. The world is heading towards self-employment instead of depending on a paid job. Consequently, the concept of entrepreneurship has now widely accepted by large criteria of people.

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