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SEO Article Heroes will offer a free audit before managing an SEO campaign, one of the first things will look at in audit is your metatags.  There are four main categories of meta tags; meta description, meta title, meta keyword, meta robots attribute. All four will effect the SEO of your campaign as they will detail the basic information about your webpage however meta title and meta description are the most important tags to focus on. If you right click on any webpage and click “view page source” then scroll to the top you’ll find the meta tags that the page has used. This will be what the webmaster perceives the most important and basic information about their website. If your using a CMS such as Word Press you’ll be able to get a plugin such as “All-in-one SEO” that will assist you in writing your meta tags, alternatively if you are writing in html you can write them in directly. Below is a brief description of each tag and how you’ll need to employ them on your website.

Meta Keywords

These used to have a lot of importance in SEO however due to attempts at manipulating SERPs in the past their relevance is fairly minimal. However I would still place in the keywords that you feel are most relevant to your webpage.

Meta Robots Attribute 

Meta Robots attribute is split into two categories, nofollow and noindex. Noindex is a way of telling the search engines bots you do not want your page to show up in the SERPs.  Web pages that are for internal use such as admin pages are particularly useful for noindex as its not a part of your website you want the general public visiting. Nofollow is a way of saying you do not want your link juice and authority to be passed on to the page you are linking to, this can be useful in comments sections where individuals may attempt spam with links to a spammy website or when your linking to a website but are concerned that its low authority may negatively impact your authority.

Meta Title

Meta Titles are the brief snippets of information that is used as your title that you will see in SERPs on search engines such as google. Meta Titles are the most important meta tag used for rankings, many webmasters will only use the name of the business for the title but its good to have a meta title that also mentions what type of business you are separated by a “|” as this will help search engine bots rank your site more accurately. For example instead of having “SEO Article Heroes” as your meta title its much better to have “SEO Article Heroes | Cardiff SEO Agency”, as it has the name of our business but also the type of business that we are.

Meta Description

This is the brief snippet of information describing your website that you will see in SERPs on platforms such as google. This is the second most important meta tag used for rankings after meta title, the advantage that you have with meta description is that you have more space to go into depth about what your webpage is about. Describe your web page accurately here, mentioning the keywords you wish to rank for when relevant but focusing on having a strong call-to-action so that users are more likely to click on your site.

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