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When we are managing our client’s SEO campaign one of the first things we look at is what type of interlinking has been employed. Interlinking is an intrinsic part of on-page SEO, its a way of making the content on your website easier to navigate for your users, by linking to the most relevant pages at the most relevant times. The advantage of doing this is that it spreads link juice (the authority your page has) to pages that have less link juice. For example if you ran a garden supplies website and you produced a blog about the best plants to buy in 2017 and promoted the blog correctly you’d start getting a lot of links to that blog. If you then linked the product pages where you sold those plants in the content of your blog you’d pass on the link juice to to your product pages meaning they will rank higher in the SERPs. Most websites have a navigation bar at the top, which will link to all of your main pages, this will tell search engine crawl bots that these pages are of a high relevance. Many SEO experts will generally advise against linking to your main pages too often but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t link to them when relevant. For example if I was talking about the packages that SEO Article Heroes offer, I would create a hyperlink to it in my blog like I have just done.


Anchor Text

A central aspect of interlinking is choosing the correct anchor text which is the┬átext that you find in a hyperlink. Its important to choose the correct anchor text when you choose to link as search engine bots will see anchor text as what you believe your page is about. Use anchor text that is relevant to the page you are trying to link to and in a way that appears natural, not as if you’ve just thrown it in there to improve your rankings. It can also be a good idea to vary your anchor text on different links and use long-tail hyperlinks where several words of text are included when necessary. The best interlinking campaign I’ve ever come across is on Wikipedia, where any time another subject comes up there is usually a hyperlink that leads you to entire page dedicated to that topic. This is one of the main reasons why Wikipedia dominates the SERPs for such a wide variety of topics.

Wikipedia Interlinking

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