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If you’re trying to grow your business, do you use Facebook to do free marketing and advertising?

If so, do you utilize Facebook Analytics to improve your marketing campaigns?

Not using Facebook Analytics’ tool, Insights, is like competing in a marathon without the proper training. While it’s not an impossible task, it can be riskier and you could injure yourself.

Insights is Facebook’s free analytics tool that makes it easy to track your page’s performance. Insights reveals how effective your Facebook marketing strategy is using metrics such as Likes, demographics, engagement, and reach.

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The Facebook analysis tool gives you precise and simple ways to make you an effective social media marketer.

Recently, Facebook made changes to its Facebook Analytics tool, Insights. In the following sections, I’ll cover Insights’ new sections and Facebook’s algorithm changes and how you can work with it.

To start, let’s go over the new sections Insights now offers for Facebook analysis.

Facebook Insights’ New Sections




This new section gives you a quick overview of the most critical statistics on your business page. You can view metrics such as new likes on your page and post engagement for the past couple days. This is all displayed in easy-to-read graphs and charts.

Beneath these overview charts, you can view information on your most recent posts. This includes very specific information on the type of post you publish (photo, video, link), affected audience, influence, and how people engaged with the posts (reactions to post, comments, and shares), and how much money you spent to promote it.

This is a good indicator whether or not your online marketing strategy is working or if you need to tweak it so that you’re making optimum utilization of this giant social network – Facebook.

Facebook Analysis Likes

This section shows your page’s growth based on how many likes you have. On the general Likes graph, you can modify the date filter to show your progress over the last week or month.

Beneath the Likes graph, you can get a comprehensive rundown on how your business development changes on a regular basis. This includes unlikes and different types of likes (natural likes, paid likes, and net likes).

This section also tells you where your growth came from. Your progress can come from people clicking the “Like” button on your page, a recommendation from other pages, Facebook Ads, and Facebook stories.

Overall, the Likes section helps you determine if your business page is increasing at the speed you want it to and if it is coming from paid or natural ads.

Facebook Analysis Reach

The Reach section shows how much “reach” or engagement your posts received either from paid or natural origins.

The Reach graph can classify how many positive and negative actions your posts received. Positive actions are activities such as likes, comments, or shares on your posts. Negative actions are activities such as reporting your posts as spam or triggering someone to unlike your business page.

The last graph you see is the total reach any activity associated with your page.

This section helps you understand if your most recent posts have increased engagement and traffic on your page. If not, modify the content you share on your page.

Facebook Analysis Visits

This section displays a graph that shows which parts of your page get the most visits. This includes your page’s timeline, information, and events tab.

The next feature in this section allows you to see distinctive actions taken on your page. Specific actions include mentions, follower’s posts on your page, and check-ins.

The last feature this section offers tells you which websites direct visitors to your page.

Use this section to pinpoint where to focus your work and where to place the most important information on your page.

Facebook Analysis Posts

This section displays a number of graphs to help you schedule what day and time of day to publish your posts.

The first Posts graph shows when your followers are online. You can use a different filter on the graph to see which of your posts receive the most engagement.

Beneath the graph, a table gives you a thorough breakdown of each post you publish. The table displays type, targeting, reach, engagement, and budget for each post.

Use the information from the graph and table to pick content that will increase positive actions and decrease negative ones.

Facebook Analysis People

The last section Insights has added gives you demographic information about your followers.

This section helps you clarify if your posts are reaching your targeted audience.

If they aren’t, take a look at Insights’ other sections to conclude what is causing the problem and how to fix it.

Facebook Algorithm Changes




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For the last part of the article, I’ll cover Facebook’s recent algorithm changes for their newsfeed.

There’s no need to stress over the new changes if you have a business page and I’ll tell you why.

How the Algorithm Works

Facebook wants to create more meaningful interactions with its users on Facebook.

Facebook will take cues from how people react, comment, and share posts to conclude what posts will take priority on a user’s newsfeed.

This change emphasizes how important it is for you to create engaging, relevant, and effective marketing campaigns on Facebook. It also highlights how a well-planned and executed advertisement makes a big impact on the targeted audience.

As a result, you may see a decrease in reach, video viewing, and website referrals. The impact’s severity will vary and depend on the content you post and how you interact with your followers.

I’ll outline how the new algorithm can help your Facebook page.

Battling Engaging Bait

No one enjoys seeing spam posts on their newsfeed. “Engagement bait” wants to take advantage of the new algorithm by increasing engagement to grow engagement and reach.

Facebook’s new algorithm created a machine learning model so that it will categorize different types of engagement and click bait.

Your followers will see fewer spam posts that aren’t relevant to them and more posts like yours.

Your job is to make posts that don’t have “engagement bait” and spam-like qualities to keep your posts higher on your followers’ newsfeeds.

Creating a Music Community on Facebook

Facebook publicized their partnership with Universal Music Group and Sony/ATV.

These collaborations hope to produce a more music-oriented experience on Facebook for its users and musical artists.

This is good news if you regularly post music to your page or want to start incorporating it into your marketing campaigns. The contract between the three companies will let you use Universal Music videos you wish to post or share.

Promoting Local Events and News on Facebook

This newest feature Facebook created focuses on everything local.

While Facebook is testing this new feature on its app, it allows its users to market and advertise events and announcements for a specific city.

If your business is primarily concerned with everything local, then take advantage of the new feature rolling out on the app.



The list of new Facebook Analytics Tool Insights and algorithms for the new year aren’t long but have made big improvements and impacts.

Use the new features Insights offers to help navigate through the new Facebook newsfeed algorithms.

Have you seen any changes in your newsfeed or needed to make adjustments in your social media campaigns?

Let us know how the impacts affect you and how you’re using new Insights features to help you.

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