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When it comes to a press release campaign, choosing the right distribution service is one of the most crucial factors. Your choice ultimately determines how your products are presented and handled. But with literally hundreds of press release distribution services available, the task of choosing one can become quite overwhelming. As a matter of fact, businesses tend to make the mistake of selecting the first press release distribution service they talk to. Don’t make this similar mistake. Finding the right partner for your business is one of the most critical factors for a successful marketing campaign. But how do you choose the best press distribution service for your company? Read ahead.

Before you consider your options, there are two main key points you should be looking at:

  1. Who is going to create the press release for you? If you have the right knowledge and capacity to write your own press releases, then you can create them yourself. However, if you don’t know how or you just don’t have the time, most press release distribution services offer the additional service of creating them for you.
  2. How would you like your press release to be distributed? Think about who you want your press release to reach. Do you want it to be distributed to a local newswire or a global one? What kind of journalists or influencers would you like to be in touch with? Choosing the right press release service also means choosing your target audience.

Tips for Choosing a Press Release Distribution Service

Choose Your Category

First, you need to consider which category your press release goes to. Do your products belong in technology or finance? It’s important to put this in mind so you can pick the perfect press release publishing sites or platforms that are perfect for your niche. Pre-identifying the audiences, you are targeting to reach will help your press release campaign to be as effective as it can possibly be. Besides, choosing the right category can save you a lot of time and resources, and instead lets you focus on other things at hand.

Multimedia Assets

Distribution services also offer different outlets when it comes to multimedia. Depending on the type of release and assets that go along with your release, choose the one that can cater to your multimedia needs perfectly. For example, if you want your press release to come with photos, videos, or infographics, look out for distribution services that include multimedia assets. Check for the number of hyperlinks you are allowed to attach alongside your press release. Different newswire services have specific targeting capabilities, and choosing the perfect one can increase your campaign’s impressions significantly.

Avoid Services That Offer Everything and Anything

In a press release, the term, “the more, the merrier” is a bad thing. If you can help it, you don’t want to to be associated with websites that publish just about anything and everything. Consider your media carefully. These types of services are often ridden with spams. If you don’t want to end up with thousands of spam emails in your business inbox, you would want to avoid these types of services.

Check for Reasonable Rates

A lot of people would argue that a solid press release distribution can come with a hefty sum. And while some of the best distribution services in the world often come with an expensive price tag, there are still other services that offer excellent value for your money. There are plenty of services that have customizable packages that include everything from basic distribution to social media marketing. These kinds of services are perfect for testing the waters and experimenting with what your company might or might not need. However, if you want the whole package, be prepared to pay for the price.

Have a Clear Pricing Plan

Once you’ve checked out different rates from different newswire services, it’s time to develop a solid pricing plan. Setting a press release distribution budget can ensure that everything goes your way without breaking the bank. While there are plenty of sites that claim to offer free press release, they typically don’t give you the kind of visibility that you need. In fact, there’s a high chance your press release won’t even get noticed. Investing in a paid press release distribution is still the best option. Just make sure you have a clear price plan.


A pivotal decision such as choosing the best press release distribution for your business is something that you should take careful consideration in. You’re putting the success of your products on the hands of newswire services that can significantly increase not only sales but also brand awareness. A successful press release campaign can lead to many incredible opportunities and exposure. Know what to expect and what you want to achieve. Have clear goals and a solid plan. Make sure you end up working with a service that truly understands your business and what you stand for.

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