How do I decide which SEO Agency is right for me?

SEO is a complicated field and many businesses make several mistakes when deciding an agency. As an SEO Agency in Cardiff we are constantly asked about prices and it can be a difficult questions to answer without taking a proper look at a website. Firstly you’ll need to understand the marketing needs of a business and whether SEO is really the right area for them. Whilst every business can benefit from SEO it’s important to note that SEO is a long-term process and that you may not see any return on investment for at least six months. If you’re looking for a quick ROI your best bet is to look at paid marketing, either through search or social media this will be dependent on the type of business you run. In this blog post we explain which type of marketing is best for which type of business, giving examples of the type of business and the ROI expected from them.

My business is in Cardiff should I hire and SEO Agency in Cardiff?

As a business based in Cardiff I feel that we are well equipped to answer this question. As SEO is an online process it is not as necessary to get a business that is based in Cardiff. However we would always recommend using an agency in the same country from the point of view of legal jurisdictions. That being said there are several advantages hiring a local SEO Agency. The first reason we would suggest for using a local SEO Agency firstly they will be nearby if you want to meet face-to-face to discuss a marketing plan. It also helps you understand if the agency your speaking to properly understands SEO and isn’t just a black hat SEO cowboy. As an SEO Agency based in Cardiff, we market ourselves primarily to Cardiff based small-medium sized businesses however we take on clients throughout the UK and can deliver the same results. The main advantage of taking on a local based SEO agency is that you can sit down and have an open and honest chat with them about your website.

Should I use Fiverr it seems really cheap?

The first thing to address is which type of business is suitable for these types of services? It’s often really cheap I can get a blog written for the price of a fry-up at my local café, they promise to give me backlinks for around £5 each it seems like a good idea right? The answer is no. It’s never a good idea to use these types of services for SEO, the reason being is that the quality of the content will be poor and possibly duplicated. The backlinks will be following black hat techniques and generally speaking it’s a bad idea to use these services as most of them are not based in the UK, thus if they decide to rip you off you can really take them to court without going to see them. Make sure you don’t get fooled by the ratings either these are usually just fabricated from other accounts or people give the review before realising it’s a complete load of rubbish. If you are going to take SEO seriously you need to hire someone, be that a freelancer, an agency or taking it in house.

I can do SEO myself, how hard can it be?

Learning SEO is not exceptionally difficult it can be learnt and we offer a lot of free advice here on how to learn it. The only problem is learning SEO can take time and some people just aren’t skilled enough to learn every aspect of it. The first aspect involves learning some basics of web development in order to optimise a website and understand exactly how it operates.  The next aspect is learning how to create good online content, which is a skill that not everyone can adjust too. The next step is learning about promotion of content and outreaching to relevant websites to gain a backlink, without that your SERPs will stagnate. Finally you’ll then need to pay for software in order to monitor your rankings, a lot of SEO Agencies can pay up to £1000 in software licences per month for that price you could simply hire an SEO Agency. So you could learn SEO yourself, but it will take time to learn SEO, you will have to pay for software which may end up costing more than simply hiring an SEO Agency and as SEO is a long-term process it could be over a year before you finally understand how to practise SEO. When you have a full time business, do you have the time to learn all of this and will spending all this time negatively affect the progress of your business when you could have hired a skilled SEO Agency from day one? Time is money.

Okay I won’t do it myself, but surely it’s better to manage SEO in-house

Agencies charge an hourly rate pm average of £30-£60 per hour, employees scarcely make over £15 an hour, so surely I could just hire someone to do this job full time? If your business is a FTSE 100 company like Admiral then the answer is quite often to manage the whole operation in-house as your digital marketing department will quite often be the size of a large agency, however if you’re a small-medium and even moderately large business the answer is usually to outsource. Firstly let’s remember the point raised in the previous paragraph, if you’re hiring an SEO professional you’ll need to buy licences which will only add an extra financial burden. SEO Agencies have scaled the SEO process so that it’s efficient effective and quick, a factory production-line for SEO. What would take an individual 8 hours of work could take an agency 4 hours. Another problem with hiring an SEO employee is the problem with hiring any employee, it will be hard to fire them, they could go off sick for a long period of time and most importantly if you as the business owner or manager do not understand SEO then you’re not going to know if that person is just lazing around all day or if they’re spending every minute effectively managing the company.

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