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PPC or Pay Per Click marketing refers to the use of a search engine’s ad network for the purpose of increasing traffic and leads to your website. The most popular platform to run a PPC campaign on is Google Ads, though Bing does carry a significant level of search traffic. The main advantage of running a PPC is campaign is the speed in which it delivers results. Whilst SEO will likely deliver results after 6 months, PPC can deliver results within a month. Which is why PPC is often the best first choice for business owners that want sales fast, whilst PPC marketing often costs more than other marketing platforms if you believe in the mantra that “time is money” and you want sales in a short space of time PPC is the best marketing platform for you. One of the great features of running a PPC campaign is the ability to directly target keywords that are the most relevant to the services that you are offering, meaning that there is a high intent behind anyone that lands on your page.  This is especially good if you have a new product or service that you want to push more than others, either because you’re not getting enough sales from that particular product or service, or because you know that product or service is the likeliest to do well. The clever thing about PPC Marketing is the ability to directly target the exact type of customers you wish to receive. The ability to utilise long-tail keywords that are highly relevant to the services that you offer means that you’re more likely to get highly relevant traffic with a low cost per click. The use of negative keywords means that you can prevent any search traffic from visitors who are looking for a business that offers products or services that sound similar to what your business offers but are in fact completely different. As with social media ads, PPC offers a remarketing feature which means anyone who has gone on your website before will start seeing your ads, these ads can be shown on the display both the display and search network. Youtube, Gmail and Mobile Apps can also be used for remarketing where relevant.  Finally, the use of Google Audiences means that you have the ability to filter based on the type of person visiting your website.

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How much does PPC Marketing in the UK cost?

PPC can cost a lot of money in terms of upfront costs but if you have the budget and a good agency you can receive an ROI in a matter of a month. Depending on your niche and competition your budget can vary drastically. Below are some examples of the costs you can expect to pay with SEO Article Heroes depending on the niche you operate in. If you’re spending less than the suggest ad spends stated below it’s likely that your simply just burning through your budget and not seeing any returns:

  • Local Business Setup only: up to £400 ad spend, one-off management fee up to £400
  • Nationwide Small Competition Per Month: £250-£350 ad spend, £305 management fee
  • Nationwide Medium Competition Per Month: £440 ad spend, £390 management fee
  • Nationwide Large Competition Per Month: £500-£5000 ad spend, 12.5% budget with a minimum of £390.

How easy is it for me to do it myself?

When compared to organic forms of marketing PPC as with Paid Social is the easiest way to burn through your marketing budget if not done correctly. That’s not to say that you can’t run a PPC campaign by yourself but without extensive training and experience of running PPC campaigns it is highly likely that you’ll be wasting a large amount of your budget on completely irrelevant traffic. Many who try out PPC feel that they can start with a small budget and slowly work out which keywords are performing best before slowly increasing their budget. However, this does not work simply because people need to click on a link several times before they are willing to make a purchase meaning that your ad budget is likely to run out before anyone considers making a purchasing. From our experience running it is possible to run a localised campaigns in a low competition niche without extensive training however it may be worth hiring a PPC agency for a set-up only service.

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