FONTS MATTER: How to Develop a Font Pack Like a Marketing Wiz

Welcome to marketing where everything matters from color to font and everything in between. Why do these seemingly small details matter? Well, each of these contributes to the customer experience, and they center around one vital thing – your brand.

Imagine, if you will, a restaurant in a college town. It’s Parent’s Weekend, and a junior and her parents have stopped to grab a bite to eat, but a quarrel starts between Mom and Dad because they can’t read the menu. Apparently, the font is too small, but is it for the restaurant’s target audience?

Businesses must divide and conquer. In a college town brimming with twenty-somethings, businesses have the ability and the authority to shrink the font size in ways that a retirement community would not be able to.

A quick Google search of the phrase “Font Choice Matters” exposes another reason why font choice is extremely important. Bad font choice can change the meaning. Too small, too funky, too hard to read… maybe all of the above? For example, a bad font can change “Fast Tacos” to “Fart Tacos” or “Special Aunt” to “Special Cu…” Or worse, what appears to be a serial killer font for the words “You’ll always be mine” as opposed to a cute, friendly, loving one.

These font choices impact the customer experience. Imagine driving down the road. You’re hungry. You spot a sign for Tacos. What is more appealing? Fast or fart tacos? More than that, once you have thought “fart tacos,” are you hungry anymore or slightly disgusted? How would you feel if your Valentine used a not-so-cutesy font for your Valentine card? Slightly creeped out? Uncomfortable? Probably so.

So, while you build your personal brand, think carefully before you design your font pack. There is, in fact, a right way to write your content – fonts are beyond important, so listen up and pick carefully.

Canva, boasting its “amazingly simple graphic design software,” works as one of the leading tools for small businesses, freelancers, and personal brands alike. Canva breaks down font and font choice for brands to aid in brand development for growing businesses.

Basically, there is a reason we struggle to pick the right font. We struggle to pick the perfect font because there are just so many to choose from. From the typical classifications of serifs, sans-serifs, scripts, and decorative to the off-the-wall fonts, there is a font for every situation. Every day, in fact, more fonts are added to the growing catalog of font possibilities, and that fact can be extremely overwhelming to the virgining graphic designer.

All too often, it becomes easy for students of graphic design to use a different font for every word and create a busy expression of whatever you are trying to say or do. Yet, this type of post can be extremely overwhelming to the consumer. This style becomes hard to read and even harder for anyone with even minor Obsessive Compulsive Disorder to stand.

The Canva how-to-guide for fonts notes that “Designers have been known to compare choosing fonts for design projects to choosing an outfit to wear.” Just as you wouldn’t wear a mini skirt to an interview, you wouldn’t use a school-girl font to dictate a hospital fundraiser… unless, of course, the fundraiser was for the children’s wing of the hospital, maybe.

So, how does an armature graphic-designer choose the correct font for their business and/or the occasion? Canva suggests you “determine what a particular font is saying to you” and “whether that fits with your design.” So, as you scroll through the options, don’t get overwhelmed. Instead, combine your perceptions of what you are attempting to say or sell alongside what your target audience might need or want. If your audience is younger, consider a hipper, younger font. If your audience is elderly, a larger, more standard font. All of the above are important options to think about.

Your Font Pack:

As you design your font pack, try a variety of fonts. Canva qualifies that “You want the fonts to complement each other, but not be too similar.” This can be an extremely tricky line to walk. You’ll need a bolder, contrasting title font, a simple easy-to-read title font, and a bare bones text font. This will make it uber easy to distinguish between the different parts of a flyer, social media post, or whatever you are graphic designing.

  • The most bold text must be emphasized, right? So, use a flashy font for your title.
  • A standard but interesting font will be just right for your subtitle, so make it pretty and easy to read.
  • Yet, even simpler? The body text must be written in a neutral font.

Mix these key font choices with color squelches, and you’ll have the perfect design to keep your brand strong and not confuse your customers. The key to font choice, the key to branding in general, is to keep your target audience at the forefront of your mind as you design your plan and/or create your design. Whatever your goal, keep your goal clear, and you’ll be sure to succeed as a marketing wiz!

In addition to being the editor at designrfix and writing about tech, web and graphic design among other subjects, I love “unplug” and be outdoors hiking and enjoying nature. If you can’t reach me, it’s probably because where I am at doesn’t have cell phone reception.

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