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Welcome back to the forth step in SEO Article Heroes’ SEO guide in this step we will discuss how to develop good quality content that can be utilised into a linkable asset. Over the past few years content marketing has grown to become an important component of an SEO campaign, in 2017 it’s difficult to run an SEO campaign without it. Whilst content marketing is a field of digital marketing within its own right, SEO and content marketing go hand in hand.

This is because in order for you to run a successful SEO campaign you will need to gain backlinks to your website, and one of the best ways to gain backlinks is to develop high quality content that other websites will naturally want to link to. Less trustworthy SEO experts will offer grey and black hat techniques such as the use of Private Blog Networks (PBN’s), these should be avoided at all possible costs, firstly because it’s disingenuous and secondly because if any search engines feel you are violating their guidelines they will give you a penalty.

Content marketing however can be utilised to demonstrate your expertise in a particular field, providing useful information to your audience and prospective customers meaning that they may choose to use your service/buy your product. When content marketing is utilised to promote content correctly its also a great way of building up a following and brand awareness on social media, as people find your tweets and shares they will grow to follow and like your business making it easier to identify and engage with your audience.

Developing a Content Idea

When developing content the first thing you’ll want to focus on is finding a particular topic to discuss. Some of these topics could be as simple as general news related to your business such as winning an award, acquired a new premises or has a new company director. Whilst these are all great topics to talk about and you should post a blog about this anytime it happens, other content will be focused on news related to your industry and local business community. Start looking in local news and industry websites to see if there is anything related to your business that you feel you could touch upon and add too. Then start thinking about any guides and basic advice that you can give to your audience, if you are an electrician you could write a guide about how to find why the electric has tripped or if you run an SEO agency you could write a guide to implementing an SEO campaign. After these avenues are exhausted people start rattling their heads and start thinking, “what the hell am I supposed to write about?”, well the great thing about the internet is that there are constantly people asking questions and needing information that you’ll be able to provide. Some of the best places to find these questions are Quora and Reddit, set up an account on both sites and start getting to grips with both websites by reading through topics related to your industry, commenting and adding value where you can. Once you’ve got your head around how both sites work its time to find a useful topic to write about. Take a look below at the questions that came up in my Quora feed.

When researching for a good topic its good to look for a topic that is very popular but answered very little. Whilst the first question is popular it has been answered by so many SEO bloggers so many times  that if you try to write a topic about this question you’ll be facing some fierce competition. Just below however is a fairly popular question but has been answered a lot less. The best way to check the competition is by a quick google search:

Here are the tons of answers by the writers all discussing how to get more blog traffic to their websites. There’s some tough competition here from American Express and Moz both directly answer the question and both are highly popular websites. But lets take a look at the second question:

A great tell-tale signs to see if a question is worth writing about are that Quora is ranking number one in the search terms and the other top questions discuss the topic but do not directly answer it. Let’s now turn to reddit for some further content ideas. Reddit can be used to promote your content, but I’d be careful about doing this, reddit can be a harsh place if the users believe all you’re trying to do is post your blogs and they believe that they do not add value. For now lets just focus on getting ideas. Now its time to find the reddit page that is most relevant to your industry for me its /r/SEO.

Have a scroll through the pages reading anything that you find relevant, you might find some topics that are related to your original content idea or you might find something that spurs you onto a different content idea, which you could cross-reference with Quora and Google to research its popularity.

Here’s an example of a topic on Reddit discussing SEO and its relation to SEO here you can research the questions people are asking about the topic and it helps you understand what users will be looking for when they read a blog piece. Once your set on a topic, you can utilise your personal knowledge of a topic, read related blogs, find and collect statistics on the topic, gather further opinions on the topic via forums and social media and then start to develop this information into a content piece.

Types of Content to Produce

Now you’ve collected your information and topic ideas you’ll want to focus on the type of content you want to produce. Below are some suggestions for the types of content you wish to produce:

Link Bait – The purpose of link bait is producing content that you believe certain websites will link to due to having a vested interested. For example if you reviewed a certain product that you happen to sell, the website of that product is likely to link to your website. Or if you wrote a blog featuring a vast amount of opinions on a given topic from highly influential bloggers the bloggers may link back to your website to show their followers how popular they are.

Infographics – Infographics are a great way to explain topics at the bottom of this post I’ve developed an infographic describing how to write content for SEO.  In the infographic it breaks down the process of web content writing into a simple easy to understand format. This disadvantage with infographics is that they offer less detail but the advantage is that its far more visually engaging and viewers of an infographic are more likely to take in the information. They’re also great for content marketing on platforms such as twitter and pintrest as well as ranking in search engines’ images section.

Curate Data – Curating data or roundups can be a great way to attract links, mainly because it presents a vast amount of information in a short space of time. “SEO Experts top 10 tips” for example is likely to attract attention because people will be likely to click on this link and scan through quickly if they see it shared on social media. Its a great way of building exposure to your website and generating a lot of traffic, which in turn will create links to your website.

Guide – Guides are a great way to build up a loyal readership that will subscribe and follow your content, if your guide is content rich with valuable information then you’ll not only attract links from bloggers in your field you’ll also build up a readership that is more likely to buy your products/services. For example if a camera shop gives an excellent guide on photography then bloggers in photography will link and promote your blog, whilst people who want to buy a camera will trust your company as place to buy cameras. Or if you’rd running a guide about how to implement an SEO strategy then SEO bloggers will want to link to your website and businesses who want to hire an SEO agency will trust you as an agency with a clear knowledge and understanding of the process.

Opinion piece – This is a great way to start a debate and provoke other websites into linking to you. What’s great about this method is that you don’t necessarily have to have an opinion that is heavily agreed upon, the best thing to do here is have an opinion that is unique and provocative. One of the best examples I’ve seen on this is Brewdog’s piece on the Craft Beer vs Real Ale debate, a highly provocative topic with a highly provocative opinion. The article basically trashes the real ale whilst shining glory on craft beer, I have no doubt that this attracted a massive amount of links from both craft beer praising the article as well as real ale enthusiasts voicing their disapproval of the article.

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