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When managing SEO for our clients content marketing takes on a key role. Content Marketing is mentioned frequently within the world of SEO and serves as a fundamental part of any SEO campaign, however, it is also a digital marketing method within its own right. Developing good quality content comes in the form of developing blogs, videos, audio images and infographics that engage with both influences and your target audience.

An SEO driven content marketing campaign will discuss certain subjects mentioning the correct keywords for your products or services in an attempt to gain links from relevant websites. For example if you owned a shoe shop and had some brand new Nike shoes that you wanted to promote you could write an entire blog on Nike trainers, you could feature what prominent celebrities thought of the trainers, how experts in sport have said the trainers make you run faster.

You would include your keyword in the first few with words, with a link to the products page featuring your Nike trainers. You’d then tweet to the sports hashtags, share on sports forums, along with social media groups focused towards sport and reach out directly to sports bloggers and see if they’d like to mention your blog.

Content Marketing is not strictly a component of SEO, its also a great way to get exposure for your website and prove your knowledge and expertise of your niche. Content Marketing through blogs is a great way to rank higher in the SERPs, but its also a good idea to look at using video and images as part of your content marketing strategy. For example if you are running a restaurant images of your delicious Sunday delight ice cream shared on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook will engage your audience with your company.

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Want to keep up to date with SEO Article Heroes’ blog? Subscribe below and we’ll keep you up to date.

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