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Schema markup or structured data is one of the more technical aspects of SEO, put simply its a way of showing search engines rich snippets of data so that they appear in the SERPS. Highlighing any reviews, publication dates, company contact information, prices of  products and hyperlinks to your most important pages in search queries

Backlinks and Link Building will be some of the most common phrases you’ll hear when learning about SEO, its the main driving force behind SEO below we explain what both terms mean. Backlinks In 2017 gaining backlinks from a high authority websites remains the single biggest ranking factor of SEO. It demonstrates to search engines

Infographics are graphic images with data outlining information in a quick and clear fashion. They have become one of the most popular forms of content marketing. Their popularity comes from their ability to engage with audiences in a more captivating way than text or stand alone images can. Usually they will feature statistics, cartoon-styled images




SERP is an abbreviation for search engine result page. The term is frequently used by SEO experts and SEO guides as a measurement of success in any SEO campaign. When SEO is broken down to its very basics it comes down to getting your page to rank higher in search engines for targeted keywords, the results

A bounce rate is the rate in which a user clicks on your website before clicking off your website. Having a low bounce rate is highly beneficial for two main reasons; firstly its an indication that your website is engaging your audience to a point where they are more likely to convert into a lead

The three main methods that SEO experts will employ on your website fall into three main categories, white hat, black hat & grey hat. White hat is regarded as the most professional approach, it means following the search engines’ guidelines to the letter and not attempting anything untoward to manage your campaign. White Hat SEO

There are four main categories of meta tags; meta description, meta title, meta keyword, meta robots attribute. All four will effect the SEO of your campaign as they will detail the basic information about your webpage however meta title and meta description are the most important tags to focus on. If you right click on

Interlinking Interlinking is an intrinsic part of on-page SEO, its a way of making the content on your website easier to navigate for your users, by linking to the most relevant pages at the most relevant times. The advantage of doing this is that it spreads link juice (the authority your page has) to pages

Keywords are the search terms that you want specific pages on your website to rank for in the SERPs. They are generally regarded as one of the most important components of SEO as the correct keyword management will lead to more prospective users finding your site. Some of the best places to include your keywords

Content Marketing is mentioned frequently within the world of SEO and serves as a fundamental part of any SEO campaign, however it is also a digital marketing method within its own right. Developing good quality content comes in the form of developing blogs, videos, audio images and infographics that engage with both influences and your

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