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SEO Article Heroes is a Cardiff based SEO agency that offers services throughout the entirety of the UK. We keep overheads low by not having a physical office, which means we’re able to offer a service at a more affordable rate than other agencies and are able to cater to smaller businesses. If you live locally in Cardiff we are able to meet and discuss SEO marketing proposals directly with you, whether that’s over a cup of coffee at your favourite cafe or directly at your workplace.

The way we like to approach prospective clients is by first conducting an SEO audit of your website. In the audit we cover everything that is positively and negatively affecting your search rankings. We’ll then list a number of suggestions about how to improve your SEO, this could come in the form of very simple fixes such as altering the meta title and meta description of your website or it could come through developing a well-structured content marketing campaign. If you then feel that the audit and suggestions we have put forward attracts you to the idea of outsourcing your SEO to an agency we can either discuss the proposal over the phone or alternatively we can meet in person.

As we are a local business in Cardiff ourselves we understand the impact of local based SEO and how the landscape of local SEO operates in Cardiff. Search Engines are increasingly becoming the most important way of finding a local business. This is in part due to the changes in Google’s algorithms but also because of the way in which we now search for what we want, whereas in the past we would have perhaps picked up a copy of the Yellow Pages and looked for the local plumber or local accountant, we now turn to search engines results and especially the “map” feature of Google and Bing. When we look on the map feature of Google not only are we able to find out the basic company information along with several reviews we are also able to get directions to the business making it increasingly convenient way to find local businesses.

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