What effect does page speed have on google? SEO and page speed go hand in hand, as Google has indicated that site speed is a ranking factor for SERPs. If your site has been built well many of these page speed issues will not exist. Some issues can exist with your hosting provider which can

SEO is a complicated field and many businesses make several mistakes when deciding an agency. As an SEO Agency in Cardiff we are constantly asked about prices and it can be a difficult questions to answer without taking a proper look at a website. Firstly you’ll need to understand the marketing needs of a business

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As an industry SEO is constantly changing, there is no standardised approach to SEO but a variety of tactics that are implemented differently depending on the SEO professional. Many divisions come through the black hat, the grey hat and the white hat world.  Google is always looking for ways to stamp out any black hat

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Local SEO is quite often neglected by many businesses who are either solely dependent on local traffic, dependant on both local and national traffic and even businesses that focus primarily on national traffic. There are two main benefits to local SEO; firstly if you run a more local business such as a restaurant you’ll be

Welcome to the final step in the step-by-step guide to SEO, we discuss how to promote and gain backlinks. Its important to note that whilst the driving force of gaining backlinks derives from promoting content you can also gain backlinks from simple factors such as suppliers, businesses you have dealings with and suggesting to fix

Welcome back to the forth step in SEO Article Heroes’ SEO guide in this step we will discuss how to develop good quality content that can be utilised into a linkable asset. Over the past few years content marketing has grown to become an important component of an SEO campaign, in 2017 it’s difficult to run an

We’re back with Step 3 of the ultimate SEO guide 2017, we’ve learnt the basics, we’ve got the correct tools now its time to start working on optimising your website. Section 1: Web Design & Website Issues Are any of the images really blurry, too big or too small? If so make sure that they

Through our managed SEO services, one of the first things we look at is whether schema has been implemented. Schema markup or structured data is one of the more technical aspects of SEO, put simply its a way of showing search engines rich snippets of data so that they appear in the SERPS. Highlighting any

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As part of our managed SEO services, SEO Article Heroes focuses on building links to your website. Backlinks and Link Building will be some of the most common phrases you’ll hear when learning about SEO, its the main driving force behind SEO below we explain what both terms mean. Backlinks In 2019 gaining backlinks from

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Infographics are graphic images with data outlining information in a quick and clear fashion. They have become one of the most popular forms of content marketing. Their popularity comes from their ability to engage with audiences in a more captivating way than text or stand alone images can. Usually they will feature statistics, cartoon-styled images

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