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As part of our managed SEO services, SEO Article Heroes focuses on building links to your website. Backlinks and Link Building will be some of the most common phrases you’ll hear when learning about SEO, its the main driving force behind SEO below we explain what both terms mean.


In 2019 gaining backlinks from a high authority websites remains the single biggest ranking factor of SEO. It demonstrates to search engines that your website is a trusted by other websites that the search engine trusts. Backlinks are essentially a way that webmasters can vouch for your website, it shows that your site isn’t just a spam website that’s been thrown together without any good quality content. For backlinks to be of value they must come from a trusted website in a relevant field to your business. Links that are in text are some of the biggest value if the anchor text features your keywords bonus points. Image links also provide value, however links that are obviously spammy, or links in comment sections can be a disadvantage and in some cases can work against you.

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Link Building

Link building is the process of gaining links to your website, this can be from a variety of forms. One of the simplest ways to do this is to get links from all the websites you do business with, for example if you’re a cheese supplier you could get the local deli or restaurant to link to your website. Some people attempt to do this though what is known as Public Blog Networks, however this is generally considered black hat and I would advise doing this at all costs. The best and most honest way of link building is by producing quality content on your website such as a blog and then promoting it via social media and direct outreach to websites that you feel are relevant.

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