6 Effective Link Building Strategies in 2019


Since the inception of Google, link building has always been valued as one of the successful skills when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. Despite its popularity, many of the marketers do not look beyond a few tested strategies such as infographics, guest blogging, commenting on popular marketing sites and enlisting their sites to popular directories.

Link building is not difficult. It is a step-by-step process that takes time to show results. Many web owners look for shortcuts while link building which gets them penalized by Google Penguin.

If you are tired of using the same old link building strategies, we are here to help. In today’s post, we have discussed six link building strategies that will not go out of style even in 2019. So without further ado, let us discuss them in detail.

  1. Co-Author Articles

Co-authoring articles with a well-known bloggerof your niche is a fool-proof way of link building. If there is a well-performing blog in your niche, you should contact the admin and pitch your idea of sharing your information with them.

If you successfully get them to do this, you will not only get a quality backlink but your host blog will also get quality content. But do not get your hopes too high as it is not as easy as it sounds. For a co-authoring to work, you need to convince other bloggers to accept your request.

To increase your chances of acceptance, you should create unique and quality content on a regular basis. Also, you need to make a name of yourself in your niche. This is because a well-successful blog will only accept your idea unless you are a famous personality in your niche or you are known for creating amazing blogs. If you get this to work, you can enjoy a quality backlink from an established website.

  1. Give Testimonials

Link building through testimonials can be a win-win situation for you. When it comes to using online tools, people often look for testimonials. If the testimonials are missing, the users will likely ditch the idea of using that specific tool. But if companies have testimonials in place, they have a better chance of pitching their tools to other people.

This is where you can earn a backlink. Contact such companies and inquire whether you can have your links shared in an exchange for a few kind words about their product. This technique has a 100% approval rate compared to link building through e-mail requests. Also, testimonial link building will direct potential traffic towards your website.

  1. Build Relationships


Building relationships can give your website the required boost. There are several opportunities that can help you build better relationships in your niche. You can attend seminars and connect with people or you can join online forums, groups or closed communities on Facebook such as Link Building Experts Group.

Start by sharing your insights on the shared content. Actively participate in communities that are based in your niche. Once you gain other people’s trust, you can ask them to share your links. Through this, you will not only get backlinks but will have direct access to the latest trends in your niche. Also, here is a quick read to help you understand how you can promote your content and gain backlinks through social media networks.

4. Convert Mentions into Backlinks

Somewhere on the internet, someone has mentioned your product. Or they have written about your website without providing any links to the users. In such cases, you need to find where you are mentioned and ask those web owners to convert the mentions into quality backlinks.

But here is the problem, how do you find when someone has mentioned you on their website? You can perform Google search or use tools like Ahrefs to locate your mentions. After finding your mention, email the web owners and request them to convert them into reachable links. This technique is quite effective but it only works if you are popular in your niche. So start creating content that compels people to talk about you.

5. Craft Case Studies and Reports

Sharing your opinions can be extremely valuable if you are a well-known name in your niche. But if you want to gain authoritative backlinks, you need to research and share those findings with other people.

The reason is that research papers, case studies, and statistics are one of the most popular sharable content. So if you create or help create one, your findings will be shared on various platforms with your links. To work this strategy, be the first one to write about certain topics in your niche. Fresh content is necessary if your niche is prone to changes which is why always include tons of data, statistics, and charts. Also, do not forget to cite your sources.

6. Outreaching and Backlinking

Google’s primary focus is to earn money and it does so by providing the most relevant search results. Google working system is such that it analyzes load speed, user experience, navigation, and keyword density of every website and ranks them accordingly. Many website owners focus on all these things but forget one of the top ranking factors: good quality content

For a website to rank better on Google, good quality content is necessary. For example, we have a company trying to rank for SEO services UK in the top ten results then the web owner needs to secure authoritative backlinks via high quality content. Guest blogging and content outreaching are perfect for those who require a long-term high ranking position in the SERPs. Here is a quick guide to help you understand the concept of outreaching if you are new to this method of obtaining backlinks.


Every web owner dreams of appearing on the top of search engine results. With link building, this can be achieved easily. As Google is becoming increasingly strict with shady link building practices, many people are struggling with finding quality backlinks. This is why we have enlisted legit strategies that will help you with link building.

Also, the application of these strategies will not solve your link building problems. You will need to track all the links to identify working links from dead ones. Furthermore, you should put SEO at the top of your long-term goals and monitor your backlinking profiles daily.

Keeping a tab on everything is not a walk in the park. You can set up a particular group of people or you can hire to help you achieve your goals.

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